Evan Woods Sligar
born February 1st, 2000
Piedmont Hospital - Atlanta, GA

In his Mother's loving arms
April 23rd, 2000 (12 weeks)

The abnormal head shape can be seen here, with the top of the skull nearly flat (actually, almost concave)
and a prominence towards the right rear visible in the above picture.

Post-craniotomy surgery
June 13th, 2000

Craniosynostosis with Multiple Suture Involvement
(In layman's terms - the soft spots in his skull had healed prematurely)
Performed at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite
by two FABULOUS surgeons -
Dr. Andrew Reisner and Dr. Joseph K. Williams

Back to nearly normal
June 26th, 2000

The incision is visible near the rear of the head in this picture. The cut was "scalloped"
so as to minimize the impact on the hairline. He's still got quite a bit of swelling but
otherwise is a happy, normal, active baby.

Wanna rumble?
August 10th, 2000

Evan was fitted with a DOC Band® from
Cranial Technologies to guide the shaping of his skull post-operatively.
It seems to have helped make him a little bit of a bruiser, too, as he seems to be fitting into an alternate
personna of "Bamm Bamm" of
Flintstones fame (ED: apologies to Hanna Barbera).

Evan's first birthday!
February 1st, 2001

I challenge you to show me a happier baby!

Come here and let me slobber on you...
March 2nd, 2001

Other than having a hard time with some teething, the normal frustrations of learning to walk,
feed oneself and get off that darned expensive formula and onto REAL food, I'm doing great!
How about you?

Do you think I could be a model?
November, 2002

This was taken at my preschool - obviously during one of my good hair days. I look
pretty doggone handsome, if you ask me!

Halloween 2004

Guess what I want to be when I grow up? NASCAR has never seen anything
like me before. (And pay no attention to that "Green Guy" next to me!)

Scooping the pumpkin - 2004

Here I am at my Pre-K class, helping my dad empty out the 'yuck' from the inside
of our pumpkin. My friends thought it was gross. I loved it!

April 30th, 2005

I played T-Ball at Turner Field tonight. How cool is that?! The crowd was on-hand to see the Atlanta Braves
play but we WOWed 'em with our skills. Here you see me and my friend Andrew
waiting for a fly ball. (My dad took the picture on his camera phone. Sorry about the poor quality.)

May 2006

My mom and I after another baseball season comes to a close. The celebratory feast ensues!
Dad coached my team again, and we won a few games - this time. Learned a lot, made a lot
of new friends and lifetime memories.

August 2008

It's been a while since we updated my page. (C'mon Dad, don't make me use this technique
on your noggin!) Here I am seen using my Tae Kwan Do skills to break a half-inch
board with a palm strike. The other two instructors to the left are waiting for my
awesome kicks to break those boards in this tournament.

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